- “Jose Francisco V Llano. Kaibigan ni Sari.”
+ “Joshua Christopher R. Brillantes. Friend din ni Sari.”
- “Kami, mula four years old magkaibigan na eh.”
+ “Kami, mula yesterday.”

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@ the SDTG taping

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Let’s support Jane everyone!

2331 - Globe, TM, Sun Cellular & ABSCBN Mobile
231 - Smart & Talk n’ Text

P 2.50 for Globe, Smart, TNT and TM
P 2.00 for Sun Cellular
P 1.00 for ABS CBN Mobile

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Axel has spoken! Let’s save his BB Jane! ;)

Text BB Jane to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular, and ABS-CBN Mobile OR to 231 for Smart, and Talk N Text.

30 votes/day! Keep voting guys! :) 
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Jane’s personal fanboy :) 

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Part 2/2: JaXel Hug

But wait, there’s more! :D Axel wanted to make sure that Jane was really okay, so he decided to follow her back to their rooms to check on her one last time. They promised that they would be more open with each other from now on, especially if any issues came up. At least they were able to clear the air between them, and close this chapter of their friendship on a more light and playful note :) 

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Part 1/2: JaXel Hug

As a JaXel fan, I was disappointed that Axel went along with the other housemates’ “joke” to confront Jane. It was inevitable for Jane to get hurt because the so-called joke came off as if everyone was against her. According to those who watch PBB’s livestream, Axel was quiet for an hour and distanced himself from the other housemates after he found out the aftermath of the “joke.” Even though Axel was a part of the “prank” that made Jane cry, he still apologized in the end. Just don’t make Jane cry again, or else lagot ka sakin Axel :))) 

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JaXel tickle fight :)

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Ehem ehem. Axel, kailangan ba sa lap ni Jane ka matutulog? :)

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Part 3/4 > JaXel Sofa Moments

"I’m stuck on you, stuck like glue"

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